Little Book Bourbon Chapter 3 Review

Little Book
Chapter 3

The Road Home
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
2019 Release

James B. Beam Distilling Co
122.6 Proof

Please enjoy my Little Book Bourbon Chapter 3 review!

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Aptly named, this is the third release in the annual Little Book series. Created by Freddie Noe, each year’s release has been unique. This one should be my favorite, because it is a blend of the four bourbons which make up Beam’s Small Batch Bourbon Collection. It contains a blend of 9 year old Knob Creek and Basil Hayden’s bourbons, an 11 year old Booker’s bourbon and a 12 year old Baker’s bourbon. I am a huge fan of two of those- Knob Creek (although generally it’s the 120 proof barrel picks) and Booker’s.

This one is not for the faint of heart because it clocks in at 122.6 proof, but that only makes sense since some of its components, such as Booker’s, are routinely in that proof range or higher.

Tasting Notes – Little Book Bourbon Chapter 3 Review – The Road Home

Here are my Tasting Notes. I drank it neat:

Nose: Sweet, leather, caramel, hint of cinnamon, light oak. Very light alcohol aroma for its proof

Taste: Cinnamon, oak, mild sweetness, leather, light licorice. After a few sips, leather seems to be more dominant

Finish: Licorice, leather. Moderate burn. The proof is more noticeable here.

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Overall, I enjoyed Little Book Bourbon Chapter 3, and will likely pick up a bottle if I see one at retail pricing. This bottle was freshly opened, and, like many high proof complex bourbons, I would expect it to become even better after it has been open a little while.
Cheers! ?

Buy Little Book Chapter 3 Bourbon on Frootbat!

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