Lodestar Whiskey Review

Lodestar Whiskey, co-founded by Anna Axster and Wendelin von Schroder, is a blend of Straight High Rye Bourbon and American Single Malt Whiskeys. The whiskey, which embodies the laid-back California lifestyle, offers a sweet malty graininess with flavors reminiscent of honey granola bar, with apple juice, dark cherries and some spice later on. Learn more in our full Lodestar American Whiskey Review!

American Whiskey
90 Proof
MSRP: $45

Please enjoy our Lodestar American Whiskey Review!

“An unconventionally delicious whiskey by two women who know a great spirit when they taste it.”

Founded By Cousins

Lodestar Whiskey is a spirit company co-founded in 2023 by cousins and entertainment industry veterans Anna Axster and Wendelin von Schroder. Theirs is the first whiskey brand to be backed by Diageo’s Distill Ventures Pre-Accelerator Program. The Pre-Accelerator is a “funding and mentorship program designed specifically for premium spirits & non-alcoholic drinks brands led by underrepresented founders”. According to their website, “Successful applicants of the Pre-Accelerator programs will receive an initial investment of up to $500k/£350k and 9-12 months of mentorship and support from our expert team.” That’s certainly a fantastic asset for a new brand to have!

An Inclusive and Approachable Whiskey

The founders, Anna and Wendelin, had long wanted to create an inclusive and approachable whiskey. When the pandemic put a pause on their careers in the entertainment industry, they seized the opportunity to turn their passion into a reality. Lodestar Whiskey embodies the laid-back California lifestyle where it is based, and the founders believe in the universal truth that life’s special moments are always better when shared. Their guiding principle is to build community, and they’ve crafted their whiskey to reflect that.

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What’s a Lodestar?

Fortunately, we don’t have to look very far for the answer; it says it right on the label:

  1. A star used as a point of navigational reference
  2. A person or principle that serves as an inspiration or guide
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The Specifics – Lodestar Whiskey Review

Lodestar Whiskey is a blend of 70% Straight High Rye Bourbon and 30% American Single Malt Whiskeys, from undisclosed sources. There’s no age statement on the bottle, so we can assume that the youngest whiskey is at least 4 years old. Not knowing anything else about each whiskey, it is difficult to estimate what the appropriate price point should be. Nonetheless, $45 for a 750ml bottle seems quite reasonable, whatever they are, and the founders are to be commended for keeping to their goal of making their whiskey approachable.

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Tasting Notes – Lodestar Whiskey Review

Let’s taste it:

🛏 Rested for 15 minutes in a Glencairn

👉🏻Nose: Sweet maltiness; light graininess, honey granola bar; light honey; subtle apple juice; dark cherry becomes more evident later on; light alcohol
👉🏻Taste: Granola bar, mild graininess, light honey sweetness; relatively light body;
👉🏻Finish: Short to medium length, with very light char, dry wood and noticeable, but relatively mild, white pepper spice which lingers

Honey Granola Bar

I always taste whiskeys on at least two separate occasions before publishing a review. When I first opened this bottle, I found the flavors enjoyable, but light. On the second day, however, the whiskey had opened up considerably. The flavors were similar, but they were fuller and richer. If I had to sum this whiskey up in three words, they would be honey granola bar. But, we all know that I tend to use more than three words, so let’s take a deeper dive.

Dissecting The Flavor Profile

Even though it comprises only 30% of the blend, the single malt plays the dominant role in the flavor profile. In the nose, it probably brings its own sweetness, but some is likely added by the bourbon. There is a pleasant, sweet, malty graininess, without the astringency that is often present to varying degrees in American Single Malts. To me, the aromas are reminiscent of a honey granola bar, with some added fruit. The fruit flavors start with just a small bit of apple juice, with dark cherry becoming more noticeable as time goes on. The alcohol is light, maybe even less than I would have expected for the proof.

Similar flavors continue into the taste. The finish bring a mild amount of white pepper spice, some dryness, dry wood, and light barrel char. However, again, there really aren’t any of the tannins that can dominate this stage. The finish is short to medium in length, without much of a burn. However, having said that, granola bar and white pepper spice do linger on.

Bottle Label & Glencairn - Lodestar Whiskey Review
Conclusion – Lodestar Whiskey Review

Lodestar Whiskey is a very enjoyable pour. The flavors seem to be dominated by the American Single Malt, with distinct bourbon flavors difficult to discern. Although, it is probably the bourbon that is mellowing out the tannins that I usually expect from American Single Malts. Lodestar Whiskey should appeal to many different types of drinkers. It would be perfect for when one is in the mood for an American Single Malt, but is looking for something with great flavors, on the lighter side, and without any astringency. It would also be perfect for those who prefer less alcohol forward pours, or for those who are fairly new to whiskey. So far, I have only tried it neat, although a number of cocktails are suggested on their website. That will be for another day.

Have you tried Lodestar Whiskey? What did you think? Cheers!🥃

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The bottle for my review was graciously provided by Lodestar Whiskey. Thank you!

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