Macaloney’s Island Distillery Sugar Kelp Infused Peat-Smoked Whisky – Press Release

Press Release

Macaloney’s Island Distillery Sugar Kelp Infused Peat-Smoked Whisky

BC Businesses Collaborate to Create World’s First Sugar-Kelp Infused Peat-Smoked Whisky

VANCOUVER ISLAND, BC, June 25, 2024 /CNW/ – Macaloney’s Island Distillery launched the world’s first sugar kelp infused peat-smoked whisky. Crafted in limited quantities, this groundbreaking whisky merges Vancouver Island’s terroir with the merroir of sustainable seaweed cultivation.

The Foundation is Macaloney Islands New Make

The foundation of this extraordinary spirit lies in its newmake spirit, already celebrated globally for claiming the coveted title of ‘World’s Best’ at the prestigious World Whisky Awards in London. This accolade underscores Macaloney’s Island Distillery’s commitment to unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. Marking the expansion of Macaloney’s ‘The Peat Project’, this historic release invites whisky enthusiasts to explore this innovative expression alongside existing Peat Project whiskies.

Price & Availability

Available exclusively from the distillery at $109.99 per bottle.

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Sugar Kelp Infused

The infusion of sugar kelp, sustainably farmed off the British Columbia coast by Cascadia Seaweed in partnership with coastal First Nations, adds fresh maritime aromas and sweet smoke. Cascadia Seaweed’s dedication to sustainable cultivation enhances local ocean ecosystems, utilizing only sea and sunlight to nurture their crops.

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Peat is Sourced from Washington State

Dr. Graeme Macaloney, drawing on traditional peat-smoking techniques learned in his ancestral Islay, Scotland, sourced the peat from Washington State, reflecting a unique Canada-USA collaboration.

Frootbat - Making hard to find liquor easy to buy

Tasting Notes – Macaloney’s Island Distillery Sugar Kelp Infused Peat-Smoked Whisky

Matured in Dr. Jim Swan’s Portuguese red wine Shave-Toast-Rechar barriques, the whisky unfolds with layers of red berry, caramel-toffee sweetness, and deep oak notes, complementing its creamy mouth-feel, juicy malted barley, and tropical fruit profile. The infusion of peat and sugar kelp introduces bonfire smoke, heather, and maritime notes, finishing with a hint of salt. (Tasting notes from the distillery)

The Embodiment of Terroir and Merroir

This whisky embodies both the terroir of Macaloney’s Island whisky and the Pacific Northwest’s merroir of Cascadia Seaweed. Terroir, encompassing soil, topography, and climate, imparts a distinct taste and flavour, while merroir, rooted in seaweed’s local conditions, enriches the spirit’s unique character.

About Macaloney’s Island Distillery

Graeme Macaloney, an expat Scot and Master Whiskymaker, founded Macaloney’s Island Distillery to create the finest single malt whisky in North America and beyond. With three ‘World’s Best’ and eight ‘Canadian Best’ gold medals, the focus on quality brings together high-quality ingredients, world-class facilities, and expert knowledge to produce a range of exceptional gold medal whiskies, offering more than a dozen drams for lovers of single malt, triple-distilled potstill (Irish-style), and peated single malt styles. For more information, visit

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