Milam & Greene Bottled in Bond Bourbon Review

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Milam & Greene Bottled in Bond Bourbon is this Blanco, Texas distillery's latest release. Distilled at Bardstown Bourbon Company, aged almost 5 years and bottled in Texas, this bourbon has complex flavors that should please most bourbon drinkers. Read our review to learn all about it!
Milam & Greene
Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Bottled In Bond
100 Proof
MSRP: $64.99

Please enjoy our Milam and Greene Bottled in Bond Bourbon review!

Milam and Greene Began As Ben Milam Distillery

Milam & Greene began as Ben Milam Distillery, in Blanco, Texas, back in 2017. Marsha Milam, the distillery’s founder, was soon joined by Master Blender and CEO Heather Greene and Master Distiller Marlene Holmes. Their brand name became Milam & Greene, and the distillery has been releasing high quality Texas whiskeys ever since.

The Process

Their latest release is Milam & Greene Bottled In Bond Bourbon. Milam and Greene distilled this bourbon via the Bardstown Bourbon Company’s Collaborative Distilling Program. Through this program, Milam and Greene distill their whiskey using their own mash bill, yeast and other specifications, utilizing Bardstown Bourbon Company’s equipment. Next, after distillation, this bourbon aged in Bardstown for almost five years. Finally, it was moved to Milam & Greene’s facility in Blanco, Texas, where it was bottled.

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Mash Bill: 70% corn, 22% malted rye, 8% malted barley
Age: Almost 5 years
Proof: 100 (as per the Bottled In Bond regulations)
Yeast: Milam & Greene’s Proprietary Strain
Barrels: ISC Char 4
Distilled: Fall 2019
Bottled: Spring 2024
Batch Size: 72 Barrels

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Tasting Notes – Milam and Greene Bottled In Bond Bourbon

Let’s taste it:

🛏 Rested for 15 minutes in a Glencairn

👉🏻Nose: Vanilla, milk chocolate, caramel, brown sugar, tart orange citrus, sweet cherries & mild cedar; moderate alcohol vapor
👉🏻Taste: Mildly sweet soft caramel, milk chocolate, tart orange, cherries, mild rye spices & light brown sugar; black pepper
👉🏻Finish: Black pepper; mild dry oak and tannins; mild rye spices; tart orange peel; fairly long; moderate burn

In the nose, vanilla, milk chocolate and mildly sweet caramel blend very nicely with tart orange and sweet cherries. In addition, mild cedar is in the background, rounding out the flavors. The taste leads off with mildly sweet soft caramel, brown sugar and milk chocolate, and is soon joined by tart orange, rye spices and black pepper, setting the tone for what’s to come. As the other flavors diminish, the finish brings increasing spice, with growing black pepper. Mild oak, char and tannins become evident later on. The flavors linger for quite a while, with a bit of black pepper sitting on my tongue and remnants of cherries, dry oak and light barrel char further back in my throat.

Bottle & Glencairn Glass - Milam & Greene Bottled in Bond Bourbon Review
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Summary – An Enjoyable Complexity

Milam & Greene Bottled in Bond Bourbon has a very enjoyable complexity, which evolves throughout the sip. The mix of sweet and tart fruit balance quite well with the confectionary flavors of vanilla, light caramel and milk chocolate. As the sip continues, more spice and a bit of dryness join in, becoming the more dominant notes in the finish. Therefore, this bourbon should be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys both sweeter, as well as tart and spicy, full flavors in their whiskey. If that’s you, then definitely give Milam & Greene Bottled in Bond Bourbon a try! Cheers!🥃

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NOTE: This bottle was graciously provided by the Distillery for my review.

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