Old Carter Rye Batch #5 Review

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Old Carter Whiskey Co.
Straight Rye Whiskey
Barrel Strength
Batch #5
115 Proof

The last time I posted about an Old Carter rye on Instagram, it was the one where the batch number was left blank.? This time, that is not an issue, so we are good to go! This is the Old Carter Rye Batch #5, the one that my friend @kinocorcino thought was amazing, so I had to get myself a bottle, too!

The Carters have an ever expanding line of whiskeys, and I have been an avid fan. I fell a little behind on the ryes to get the Bourbons, Single Barrels, American Whiskeys, and the new Kentucky Straight Whiskey. I know there are another four bourbons and two American Whiskeys being released now, with new ryes right behind them, so I guess I need to get a second job (as if I didn’t need that already?)…. but I digress. The Old Carter Whiskey Co. has recently increased their distribution into New York, New Jersey, Georgia and Louisiana, in addition to Kentucky, Washington D.C. and California. I am afraid this might make their whiskeys more difficult to find in Kentucky, and stores are already reporting that they are getting far fewer bottles than in the past. I guess we’ll see.

Old Carter Rye Whiskey Batch #5
Old Carter Rye Whiskey Batch #5
Tasting Notes

Let’s taste it:

🛌 Rested for 15 minutes in the @thewhiskeylegion @agedandore Neat Glass.

👉Nose: Citrus, in particular grapefruit, dill, and some sweeter stone fruit, like nectarines; cedar, burnt caramel, noticeable alcohol
👉Taste: The flavors from the nose become more subtle but remain, and there’s now wintergreen, some burnt caramel, char, oak and a touch of milk chocolate with a sweetness – maybe brown sugar? There’s a lot going on here.
👉Finish: The flavors all continue into the finish although they diminish and pick up some more char. The citrus and dill seem to rise up again. It’s a very long finish with a bit of a burn.


Wow! This rye has some flavor! And that finish! I think I could wait until the next day to take another sip and the flavors would still be in my mouth! The 115 proof lets you know that it is there, but that’s probably what is giving it so much flavor. I am not sure of the composition of this rye with respect to the ages of what is in it, but it would seem to have flavors of both younger and older ryes. It’s distilled in Indiana, so it’s safe to assume that it is from MGP, but that’s all we really know. Maybe the Carters can enlighten us?

Have you had this rye, or any of the Old Carter ryes? What’s your favorite batch? Happy #ThirstyThursday! Cheers!🥃

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