Old Elk Double Wheat Review

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Old Elk Double Wheat Whiskey is a blend of Old Elk Wheat Whiskey and Old Elk Wheated Bourbon. It is bottled at 107.1 proof and delivers some unexpected flavors. Want to learn more? Then read our full review!

Double Wheat
Straight Whiskey
Old Elk Distillery
Master’s Blend Series
107.1 Proof
MSRP: $99.99

Please enjoy our Old Elk Double Wheat Straight Whiskey Review!

A Brief History Of Old Elk

If you are not familiar with Old Elk Distillery, we have covered their story in detail in our article “The Reserve by Old Elk Distillery Review”, for your reading pleasure. In a nutshell, Old Elk was founded in Fort Collins, CO by Curt and Nancy Richardson, who are most notable for their innovation of Otterbox. Early on, they partnered with MGP (now known as Ross & Squibb Distillery) to help design their mash bills and to contract distill. Greg Metze was Master Distiller at MGP at the time, and oversaw this project. After his retirement from MGP in 2016 (after 38 years!), he joined Old Elk Distillery full time. The rest, is history.

What Is Old Elk Double Wheat Straight Whiskey?

Old Elk Double Wheat Straight Whiskey is a blend of Old Elk Wheat Whiskey and Old Elk Wheated Bourbon. It is part of their Master’s Blend Series, which is a collection of limited releases of blends created by Master Distiller Greg Metze. The collection currently includes Infinity Blend, Four-Grain Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Wheat N’ Rye and the focus our our review, Double Wheat Straight Whiskey.

Old Elk Double Wheat Front Label
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The Mash Bill

After blending, the composite mash bill of Old Elk Double Wheat Straight Whiskey is: 71.5% Wheat, 25% Corn & 3.5% Malted Barley. The Old Elk Wheated Bourbon used in the blend is 6 years old and the Old Elk Wheat Whiskey ranges from 6-8 years old.

Old Elk Double Wheat Neck Label
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Tasting Notes – Old Elk Double Wheat Straight Whiskey Review

Let’s taste it:

🛏 Rested for 15 minutes in a Glencairn

👉🏻Nose: Raspberry jam, whole wheat bread, moderate alcohol, light brown sugar, black cherry soda; light cedar
👉🏻Taste: Hint of milk chocolate, raspberry jam, whole wheat bread; honey sweetness, dry oak
👉🏻Finish: The flavors continue into the finish, but there is a rising white pepper spice, which becomes fairly pronounced; mild barrel char and dry oak later on; long finish; moderate burn

Old Elk Double Wheat Straight Whiskey has more fruit and jam up front than I would have expected. There’s also almost a little bit of a spiciness, but I think that is coming from the cedar notes that I am getting. The taste brings more raspberry jam, along with some milk chocolate and a honey sweetness. The finish becomes significantly more spicy, with the white pepper becoming fairly pronounced and mild barrel char appearing, as well.

Bottle and Wheat Field
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This is a very enjoyable whiskey. Interestingly, I don’t think of jam when I think of wheat, but I guess maybe I should. To me, Straight Wheat Whiskeys are often fairly one dimensional, while that is not the case with Wheated Bourbon. However, when they are combined, a more complex flavorful elixir emerges. Having said all that, it has been a little while since I tasted Old Elk Straight Wheat Whiskey, so I need to go back and do that soon. It may be more complex than I would expect. If you are a wheat fan, and like a little bit of fruit & jam, then give Old Elk Double Wheat Whiskey a try! Cheers!🥃

I hope you have enjoyed our Old Elk Double Wheat Straight Whiskey Review! If you would like to read about more Old Elk Whiskeys, then check out our Old Elk Wheated Bourbon Review or our Old Elk Port Cask Finish Bourbon Review!

The fine print:
This sample was graciously provided to me by the company for my review.
Old Elk Double Wheat Bottle Photo Credit: Old Elk Distillery
Wheat Background Photo Credit: Sebastian Klein on Unsplash

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