Old Forester 1924 Bourbon Review

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Old Forester 1924 is the latest addition to the Old Fo' Whiskey Row Series. Aged for 10 years, it brings older characteristics to the younger flavor profile of the other bourbons in this series. However, 1924 carries a significantly higher price tag, as well. Read on to learn all about it!
Old Forester
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
100 Proof
MSRP: $115

Please enjoy my Old Forester 1924 Bourbon Review!

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The Fifth Release In Old Forester’s Whiskey Row Series

Old Forester recently released 1924, the latest, and 5th, installment in their Whiskey Row Series. It is available nationwide, however it is unclear to me whether it is a limited, possibly recurring, release, or a permanent full time addition to the line. I have read both things. Regardless, since it is a new release which carries a 10 year old age statement, it is in high demand.

The Significance Of The Year 1924

During Prohibition, distilleries with medicinal whiskey licenses were allowed to sell whiskey; whiskey for “medicinal purposes”, that is. However, as time went on, to maintain supply, those with licenses purchased the previously distilled whiskeys of other distilleries. According to the Old Forester 1924 press release, in 1924, Old Forester acquired barrels from closed distillers, and bottled those liquids as Old Forester. This release is to commemorate the 100th anniversary of that event.

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Not The Standard Old Forester Bourbon Mash Bill

The bourbons that Old Forester acquired all had different mash bills, and thus, Old Forester 1924 strays from their traditional mash bill. 1924 uses 79% corn, 11% rye and 10% malted barley. In contrast, the traditional Old Fo’ mash bill is 72% corn, 18% rye and 10% malted barley.

Old Forester 1924 is bottled at 100 proof. I am assuming that proof was chosen since medicinal whiskeys were supposed to be Bottled In Bond. However, my understanding was that this was not always strictly adhered to. But, I digress, and by now you are probably wondering what Old Forester 1924 Bourbon tastes like?

Neck Label - 100 Proof - Old Forester 1924 Bourbon Review
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Tasting Notes – Old Forester 1924 Bourbon

Let’s taste it:

🛏 Rested for 15 minutes in a Copita (first tasting) & Glencairn Glass (1 week later)

👉🏻Nose: Light sweet banana, caramel, vanilla, mild rye spices, oak, leather; sweet cherry later on; alcohol is appropriate for the proof
👉🏻Taste: Fairly sweet; banana, vanilla, caramel, honey, dry oak & light leather
👉🏻Finish: Moderate white pepper spice; dry oak; barrel char and mild tannins towards the end; some lingering sweet banana, cherry and caramel remains; long with a moderate warmth and burn, somewhat greater than expected for proof

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1924 Is My Perfect Old Forester Bourbon

Honestly, for me, 1924 may be the perfect Old Forester bourbon. It’s got characteristic Old Forester sweet banana in the nose, with sweet cherries in the background. There’s a nice compliment of vanilla, caramel, light rye spices, leather and oak. The taste remains fairly sweet with continuing banana, honey, caramel, vanilla, light leather and dry oak. The finish brings a moderate white pepper spice and just the right amount of dry oak, with some barrel char and tannins at the end. There is also a hint of lingering sweet banana, cherry and caramel. The finish is long with a moderate warmth.

Old Forester’s tasting notes describe chocolate and marzipan; however, those flavors aren’t evident to me, even after tasting it multiple times. What has become more evident as the bottle has opened up, is leather, which I didn’t really notice initially. The sweetness has probably diminished a bit as well.

Bottle & Glencairn - Old Forester 1924 Bourbon Review
Old Forester 1924 Bourbon and The Whiskey Row Series

All in all, the extra age of 1924 has mellowed some of the characteristic Old Forester sweetness and banana. The older barrel flavors, including oak and light leather, spice and dryness have provided a very nice contrasting balance to the sweetness that remains. The 10 years of aging that Old Forester 1924 has undergone have had a very beneficial effect on the flavors for my palate; not that I don’t enjoy the much younger members of Old Forester’s Whiskey Row Series, as well.

Have you tried Old Forester 1924? What did you think? Cheers!🥃

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We hope you have enjoyed our Old Forester 1924 Bourbon Review! Would you like to read about the other bourbons in Old Forester’s Whiskey Row Series? Then check out our Old Forester 1870, 1897, 1910, and 1920 Bourbon reviews!

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