Old Pogue Bourbon Review

In the era of craft bourbon distilleries, Old Pogue’s character and uniqueness make it stand out. Learn more about Old Pogue Master's Select Bourbon in our review!

Old Pogue
Master’s Select
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky
Proof: 91
MSRP: $110

Please enjoy our Old Pogue Master’s Select Bourbon review by Ray Marcano

Old Pogue Master’s Select Bourbon Review

In the era of craft bourbon distilleries, Old Pogue’s character and uniqueness make it stand out.


The Old Pogue Distillery sits above a riverbank overlooking the Ohio River just outside of the town of Maysville, Kentucky. Henry Edward Pogue purchased the Old Time Distillery in 1876, and the distillery turned out several whiskeys through the early 1900s. A January 25, 1900 newspaper story lauded the distillery. “This whiskey has a wide reputation and is shipped all over the country,” the story noted.

Old Pogue Master's Select Bourbon Review
Old Pogue Master’s Select Bourbon Review

Unfortunately, the Pogues had a tragic life. HE Pogue, in 1890, and his son, HE Pogue II, in 1919, each died in distillery accidents. Nonetheless, the distillery tried to stay in business during prohibition by selling “medicinal whiskey,” but by 1926, it closed. After Prohibition’s repeal, HE Pogue III sold the distillery to a Chicago firm, which sold it to another group, before it shut down again in 1963. The property had been abandoned for decades before a developer began restoring the grounds and sold it back to the Pogue family, which has been making bourbon there since 2008.

Mash Bill – Old Pogue Master’s Select Bourbon

Corn: 70%, Rye: 20%, Malted barley: 10%

Tasting Notes

 Let’s taste it:

? Rested for 15 minutes in a Glencairn

👉Nose: Maple, pepper, oak, brown sugar, caramel
👉Taste: Maple, brunt sugar, cloves, caramel corn, pepper
👉Finish: Leather, cinnamon, rye, vanilla, caramel

Old Pogue Bourbon Review
Old Pogue Master’s Select Bourbon Review


The Old Pogue Master’s Select Bourbon is a blend of bourbons aged 9 years. For a product aged this long, I was surprised by the light color. There’s plenty of grain on the nose but also a cane-sugar sweetness and a little citrus. That sweetness carries through to a medium-long to long finish that ends with more spice than I thought I’d get with a bourbon that contains just 14% rye.

Conclusion – Old Pogue Master’s Select Bourbon

The Old Pogue Master’s Select Bourbon has tremendous history and is an enjoyable whiskey, although less experienced sippers may need a dash of water to cut the grain and alcohol characteristics. Unfortunately, these bottles are generally only available at the Old Pogue Distillery and there is a wait list for their annual release. However, there is limited availability in stores in Kentucky, Illinois and New York. Old Pogue Bourbon has a lot of fans, even at a fairly steep price point.

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