RD ONE Amburana Finished Bourbon Review

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RD ONE Amburana finished bourbon is produced by placing Brazilian Amburana staves into barrels of mature RD 1 bourbon. The Amburana wood imparts a very distinctive flavor to the bourbon. So, what's it like? Read our review to find out!

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Finished With Brazilian Amburana Wood
Small Batch
110 Proof
MSRP: $64.99-69.99

Please enjoy our RD ONE Amburana Finished Bourbon review!

Amburana Is All The Craze

Amburana finished whiskeys are all the craze these days. There are three Amburana tree species which are native to South America. There, the wood is used for furniture, as well as for providing essential oils and for making barrels to age Brazil’s native spirit, Cachaca. It has relatively recently become of interest to American brewers and distillers for its unique flavors and relatively short time required for finishing.

Amburana imparts uniquely sweet, yet spicy, and very characteristic, flavors to whiskey. RD ONE’s version begins with bourbon aged at least 4 years. Then, the folks at RD1 Spirits place staves of Brazilian Amburana wood into their barrels of aged bourbon. The staves have many small holes drilled into them to increase their surface area as well as to promote greater interaction with the Amburana wood. The bourbon is then finished to taste.

Tasting Notes – RD ONE Amburana Finished Bourbon

Let’s taste it:

🛌 Rested for 15 minutes in a Glencairn

👉Nose: Cinnamon raisin bread; fairly sweet with dark berry jam, maybe black current; freshly cut sweet red delicious apples; some brown sugar; a bit of spice including some rye spices and ginger snaps; pine and cedar are in there, too; noticeable alcohol
👉Taste: Cinnamon, ginger snaps, brown sugar & dark berry jam; sweet, rich and syrupy; spice cake spices pick up later as the sweetness wanes; some dry oak begins to appear as well
👉Finish: Quite a bit of spice, from the ginger snaps and the spice cake spices, builds and lasts a long time. Some sweetness and jam, and even raisin bread, linger as well; moderate burn

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The Flavors Are Very Complex

The flavors in RD ONE Amburana Finished Bourbon are very complex, and more flavors become evident as I acclimate to the initially quite noticeable ones. The nose reminds me at first of a nice slice of cinnamon raisin bread. There are sweet fresh apple and jam flavors, as well. But, there are some spices, too! Those flavors continue into the taste, where spicy ginger snaps become more noticeable. Yet, there is still plenty of jam, raisin bread and sweetness, as well. Finally, in the finish, spice become more dominant, and the spicy ginger snaps linger on for a long time.

RD ONE Amburana Finished Bourbon Review -  Bottle and Bourbon Obsessed Glencairn
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Amburana has a very characteristic flavor, and once you have had a whiskey finished with it, you will always recognize it. What it does when combined with bourbon depends on a number of factors, including the age and proof of the whiskey and how much time is allowed for finishing. All of those factors are in perfect alignment in the RD ONE Amburana Finished Bourbon. I simply love it. Having said that, there can be too much of a good thing. The Amburana flavors are so distinctive and strong that I would fatigue of them if I were to drink this, or any Amburana finished whiskey, for that matter, every day or for an entire evening. But I am certainly always keeping a bottle around for the occasional pour.

Have you had any Amburana finished whiskeys? Are you a fan? If so, or if you are just looking for something a bit different, give the RD ONE Amburana Finished Bourbon a try! Cheers!🥃

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