Redwood Empire Devils Tower Bourbon Review

Devils Tower High Rye Bourbon is one of the first releases in Redwood Empire's new Small Lot Series. As its name implies, there is a substantial amount of rye in this mash bill. The results may surprise you. Learn all about it in our review!
Devils Tower
High Rye Bourbon Whiskey
99 Proof
Redwood Empire Distilling
Batch 001
MSRP: ~$90 (avg online retail)

Please enjoy our Redwood Empire Devils Tower High Rye Bourbon review!

“Distilled grain to glass in Sonoma County, California”

Redwood Empire Distilling

Redwood Empire Distilling is located in Sonoma County, California. Their name comes from the stretch of land extending from San Francisco to the Oregon border, and home to the giant old-growth coastal redwoods. Devils Tower High Rye Bouron is named after a a 340 foot tall redwood growing in this area.

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Redwood Empire Small Lot Series

Devils Tower High Rye Bourbon is one of the two first releases of Redwood Empire’s new Small Lot Series. According to Master Distiller Jeff Duckhorn “Each whiskey in this series is a result of meticulous attention to detail, from grain selection and distillation to barrel aging and blending. We are excited to see how whiskey enthusiasts and newcomers alike react to these exceptional spirits.”

Truly A High Rye Bourbon

Devils’ Tower is a high rye bourbon; almost as high in rye content as one can get. It’s a four grain bourbon, too, as a wee bit of wheat is tossed in for good measure, in addition to an equally small amount of malted barley. From the distillery: “Our four-grain mash bill showcases the hearty influence of Rye when paired nearly evenly with Corn.”

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Mash Bill: 51% Corn, 45% Rye, 2% Wheat, 2% Malted Barley
Barrels: Toasted and Char 3
Batch size: 25 barrels

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Tasting Notes – Redwood Empire Devils Tower Bourbon Review

Let’s taste it:

🛏 Rested for 15 minutes in a Glencairn

👉🏻Nose: Honey sweetness, cherry candy & apple juice; rye spices such as cloves, lightly burnt caramel, hint of fresh oranges and cedar; subtle toasted bread; appropriate alcohol vapor for the proof
👉🏻Taste: Fairly light at first with black tea, light honey, apple juice and dry oak; a hint of earl grey spices later on
👉🏻Finish: Growing capsaicin spice; somewhat dry, with dry oak and light smoke; long lingering spice on my tongue; hint of cherry candy, too; moderate burn and deep warmth

The nose is fairly sweet at first, with honey and ample fruits, such as cherry candy and apple juice. Those flavors take turns being dominant. There’s a hint of fresh oranges, as well. In the background is toasted bread and lightly burnt caramel. After a sip, the nose changes character, and the rye spices, as well as some cedar, become much more noticeable. At first I wouldn’t have guessed the high rye content, but later on it is more evident.

The tastes begins fairly light, with light honey, black tea, apple juice and dry oak. With time, a hint of Earl Gray spices appear, and the dry oak increases. Capsaicin spice then arrives, and grows, lingering throughout the finish. There’s still a hint of cherry candy. The very end is somewhat more dry, with dry oak and bit of barrel char and smoke.

Bottle - Redwood Empire Devils Tower Bourbon Review
Conclusion – Redwood Empire Devils Tower High Rye Bourbon Review

Redwood Empire describes the flavor profile of Devils Tower High Rye Bourbon as “The perfect blend of spicy and sweet, this bourbon is as versatile as it is complex”. I have to say, it succeeds in its quest. The rye is noticeable, but really in the spice it provides later on. This spice is very well balanced with sweeter flavors up front, all adding up to a very enjoyable pour. If this combination of flavors sounds like something you would enjoy, then give Devils Tower Bourbon a try!

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This sample was graciously provided by Redwood Empire Distilling. Thank you!

The photo of the bottle was provided by Redwood Empire Distilling. Scenery was added after the fact.

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