Redwood Empire Foggy Burl Review

Redwood Empire Foggy Burl Single Malt, part of the new Small Lot Series, is a complex blend of seven different malts, offering a balance of sweetness from lighter malts and tannins from darker ones. This American Single Malt, which differs significantly from those of Ireland and Scotland, provides a very enjoyable pour with plenty of flavor that doesn’t stray too far in any one direction. Learn more about it in our full review!
Redwood Empire
Foggy Burl
Single Malt Whiskey
94 Proof
Batch 001
MSRP: ~$100 (average retail)

Please enjoy our Redwood Empire Foggy Burl Single Malt Review!

Made From A Variety Of Malts

Foggy Burl Single Malt is one of the two inaugural whiskeys in Redwood Empire’s new Small Lot Series. From the company: “We’ve been quietly laying down a barrel of single malt each quarter over the last 7 years. This scare grain-to-glass release was artfully blended from 27 barrels with a variety of different malt styles.” Foggy Burl is named after a 347 foot redwood.


Mash Bill: 100% malted barley
Malt Types: 7 Different malts (“lighter, darker chocolate and caramel malts”)
Barrels: Toasted & Char 3
Batch Size: 27 barrels

Tasting Notes – Redwood Empire Foggy Burl Single Malt Review

Let’s taste it:

🛏 Rested for 15 minutes in a Glencairn

👉🏻Nose: Fairly sweet; lightly toasted maltiness balanced with light graininess; hints of more heavily toasted/roasted malts; light buttery caramel; subtle fruit notes, perhaps cherries and fresh red delicious apples; hint of floral notes; relatively mild alcohol
👉🏻Taste: Simple syrup sweetness up front with lightly toasted malts and light graininess; building darker malts later on
👉🏻Finish: Darker malts become more evident with growing white pepper spice, but lingering simple syrup sweetness, too; somewhat more dry with tannins in the end; moderately long with a bit of light graininess remaining

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The mix of different malts is evident in Redwood Empire Foggy Burl’s complex flavors. There’s plenty of sweetness from the lighter malts, but that is tempered and balanced by some tannins and dryness from the darker malts. American Single Malts differ significantly from those of Ireland and Scotland. They tend to lean to having more tannins and darker malt flavors, rather than lighter and fruitier flavors, and sometimes can become unbalanced. Redwood Empire has very nicely used their variety of different malts to complement each other. The malt flavors combine to create a very enjoyable pour. If you are an American Single Malt fan, and you’re looking for one with plenty of flavor, but that doesn’t stray too far in any one direction, then Redwood Empire Foggy Burl is definitely one that you should try! Cheers!

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This sample was graciously provided by Redwood Empire Distilling. Thank you!

The photo of the bottle was provided by Redwood Empire Distilling. Scenery was added after the fact.

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