Richland Distilling Company Review

We recently had the pleasure of visiting the Richland Distilling Company (Richland Rum Distillery), learning about their story and process, and sampling some of their namesake Richland Rums. Learn more in our Richland Distilling Company Review!

Please enjoy our Richland Distilling Company (Richfield Rum Distillery) Review! (Brunswick, GA location)

Richland Distilling Company
(Richland Rum Distillery)
1406 Newcastle Street
Brunswick, GA 31520
Phone: 229-887-3537

We recently had the pleasure of visiting the Richland Distilling Company in Brunswick, GA, learning about their story and process, and sampling some of their namesake Richland Rums.

The Richland Distilling Company Began in 1999

The Richland Distilling Company was born back in 1999. This Georgia distillery grows all of the sugar cane used for their rums at their farm on Richland Estate. The sugar cane is pressed to release the juice at one of their two distilleries, and the juice is then boiled down into syrup. Next, the syrup is fermented using a proprietary yeast. Fermentation can take up to 2 weeks, depending on the ambient temperature, since the distillery is not climate controlled. Once fermentation is complete, the “syrup wine wash” is distilled, “low and slow”. The process ensures that the final distillate contains only the most desirable flavors.

Richland Distilling Company Front - Brunswick Georgia
Richland Has Two Distilleries

Richland Distilling Company has two distilleries; one in Richland, Georgia and the other in Brunswick, Georgia. We visited the Brunswick location. The distillery is located right in downtown, on Newcastle Street. The centerpiece of the Brunswick distillery is their two Hoga copper stills. These beautiful copper stills are heated using Hoga’s thermal fluid system to allow for excellent temperature control. Copper preheaters flank each still, enabling a more efficient process by heating the wash prior to it entering the still. In addition, there is a centrally located control panel to manage the system.

Richland Distilling Company Hoga Stills
Hoga Still – Richland Rum Distillery – Brunswick, GA
Barrel Aging Makes Richland Rum Unique

While all these things already make Richland different from other rum distillers, what makes them truly unique to me is their barrel aging. They use new toasted and charred oak barrels to age their rum, just like bourbon distilleries do. In fact, the barrels come from Kelvin Cooperage, which also supplies many bourbon distilleries. Therefore, their rums take on barrel flavors that other rums don’t, since the majority of aged rums spend their time in used barrels. Ultimately, Richland’s process results in what I would call a “bourbon drinker’s rum”, having the caramel and vanilla to which we are accustomed.

Barrels - Richland Distilling Company
Barrel Aging – Richland Distilling Company Review
A Variety Of Rum Expressions

There are a variety of Richland Rum expressions. They range from their Virgin Coastal Rum, which rests in new uncharred toasted oak barrels for 60 days, to their Single Estate Old South Georgia Rum, which ages at least 4 years (most are 5-6 years) in new toasted and charred oak barrels, to their XO, a 10 year old special release. In addition there are the Port Cask Exchange and Imperial Milk Stout Cask Exchange Rums, as well as cask strength versions of each. Each bottle of Richland Rum is from a single barrel, so ages and proofs may vary.

Richland Rum Line Up - Richland Distilling Company Review
Richland Rum Line Up
A Great Visit

We greatly enjoyed our visit to the Richland Distilling Company and sampling Richland Rum! My rum knowledge has greatly increased, and I have found a new spirit to enjoy. If a “bourbon drinker’s rum” is something that intrigues you, and you like visiting unique distilleries, then the Richland Distilling Company should be on your list!

Richland Rum Tasting With Buddy Smith
Richland Rum Tasting With Buddy Smith

Thank you Buddy for the hospitality!

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