Rock Town Bottled In Bond Bourbon Review

Rock Town Distillery in Little Rock, Arkansas distills many different bourbons, as well as other spirits. Their Bottled In Bond Bourbon is distilled on their copper hybrid pot still, and has a unique flavor profile that changes considerably over the course of the sip. You can learn all about it in our Rock Town Bottled In Bond Arkansas Bourbon review!
Rock Town
Bottled In Bond
Arkansas Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Aged At Least 4 Years
Distilled, Aged & Bottled by Rock Town Distillery
Little Rock, AR
MSRP: $50-$55 average price
100 Proof

Please enjoy our Rock Town Bottled In Bond Bourbon review!

“Our Straight Bourbon Whiskey is double distilled in our copper pot still from the finest Arkansas grown corn, Arkansas grown wheat, and malted barley.”

Rock Town Distillery, Little Rock, Arkansas

Rock Town Distillery was founded in 2010 in Little Rock, Arkansas. They make a variety of spirits including vodkas, gin, moonshine, liqueurs and many whiskeys. Their distillery in Little Rock also has a large bar with ample seating and an extensive cocktail program. And, of course, bottles are available for purchase, as well.

Two Lines Of Rock Town Arkansas Bourbon

Interestingly, Rock Town has two lines of bourbons. Both Rock Town bourbon lines are made from Arkansas corn and wheat, as well as malted barley (which may be from elsewhere). They originally distilled all of their bourbon on their 250 gallon Vendome copper hybrid pot still. And, they still do distill their bourbon that way. However, to meet demand and increase capacity, they also distill their bourbon on the large column stills at Bardstown Bourbon Company. Even though the location and stills are different, they still use the same ingredients and mash bill. The bourbons distilled at Bardstown Bourbon Company have labels stating that they are part of the Rock Town Column Still Collection, so there is absolutely no confusion over where each Rock Town bourbon was distilled.

Mash Bill – Rock Town Bottled In Bond Bourbon

Rock Town makes quite a few different bourbons, and I tried many of them. However, I am always drawn to Bottled In Bond Bourbons. Rock Town Bottled In Bond Arkansas Bourbon is double distilled in their hybrid copper pot still, barreled in 53 gallon barrels and aged at least 4 years. The mash bill consists of 82% Arkansas Corn, 9% Arkansas Wheat & 9% Malted Barley.

Tasting Notes – Rock Town Bottled In Bond Bourbon Review

Let’s taste it:

🛏 Rested for 15 minutes in a Glencairn

👉🏻Nose: Sweet cherry candy; some dark stone fruits and apricot leather candy, too; light sweet caramel & vanilla; light oak & cedar; moderate alcohol
👉🏻Taste: Cherry candy, black cherry soda, dry oak and some barrel char; mild sugar sweetness but fairly dry overall; light soft caramel, vanilla & white pepper spice
👉🏻Finish: White and black pepper spice grows and lingers for a very long time; dry oak and mild barrel char; long finish with a moderate burn

Rock Town Bottled In Bond Arkansas Bourbon has an interesting evolution of flavors. The nose starts out sweet, with cherry candy being the dominant flavor. There is also some vanilla, other fruits and light creamy caramel, with a touch of oak and cedar thrown in for good measure. The taste is significantly more dry, with similar flavors but also dry oak and a bit of barrel char, white pepper and only a mild sugar sweetness. White and black pepper spice crescendo in the finish, with some dry oak, barrel char and mild smoke, as well. Overall, it is a quite a varied taste experience.

Rock Town Bottled In Bond Bourbon Review - Embossed  Glass
Rapid Flavor Change From Start To Finish

While many bourbons start out somewhat sweet and pick up some spice in the finish, the rapid progression in the Rock Town Bottled In Bond Bourbon is fairly atypical. The large amount of corn in the mashbill must certainly contribute to the initial sweetness, with the spice coming from the barrels, and possibly from the wheat, as well. However, as there is only a fairly low percentage of wheat, it seems unlikely that it is contributing significant spice. Since it is difficult to explain the dryness, spice and other flavors in the finish any other way, aging in the Arkansas climate presumably is playing a role. I have not as of yet tried any other Arkansas bourbons, so I don’t know if that is a common trend.

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Conclusion – Rock Town Bottled In Bond Bourbon Review

Overall, I very much enjoy this bourbon, with its transition in flavors throughout the sip. If a dynamic flavor profile which starts out sweet and fruity and quickly transitions to fairly dry and spicy is something that you enjoy, then definitely give Rock Town Bottled In Bond Arkansas Bourbon a try! Cheers!🥃

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