Russell’s Reserve 15 Year Old Bourbon – Press Release

Wild Turkey has announced the latest bourbon in the Russell's Reserve line: Russell's Reserve 15 Year Old! It will begin arriving in stores starting July 1, 2024.

Press Release

Russell’s Reserve Introduces 15-Year-Old Limited Release Kentucky Straight Bourbon

LAWRENCEBURG, Ky., June 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Multi-award-winning, best-in-class bourbon producer Russell’s Reserve, known and applauded for its reverence to the rickhouse, introduces its 15-Year-Old 2024 Limited Release, an exquisite display of masterfully matured bourbon. This highly anticipated limited offering is a spiritual successor of Russell’s Reserve 13-Year-Old that pushes the boundaries of extended aging.

This Year’s Gold Standard – Russell’s 15

Driven by a commitment to release only the highest quality specialty offerings rather than a set release structure, Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame Master Distiller Eddie Russell and his team identified this particular 15-year small-batch bourbon as this year’s gold standard from the historic distillery. Crafted from thoughtfully selected barrels that had endured 15 years of Kentucky’s frigid winters and intensely hot summers, Russell’s Reserve 15 offers fans a layered and robust sipping experience, distinctly different from past releases.

Added Complexity – Russell’s 15

“While it wasn’t an easy decision to release something other than Russell’s Reserve 13, the added complexity from extended aging was too exciting to pass up,” said Eddie Russell. “It’s been humbling to watch what started as a passion project – a place to celebrate my family’s shared love of bourbon making – turn into something that’s coveted by collectors the world over. We stay committed to bottling only the best, and only when it’s ready. This year, that’s brought to life in these bottles of Russell’s Reserve 15-Year-Old.”

Patiently crafted under Eddie’s expert leadership, Russell’s Reserve 15-Year-Old is a demonstration of his decades of experience and unmatched ability to develop complex and nuanced flavors through careful aging and keen barrel selection. Laid down a decade and a half ago, and watched over with care to be enjoyed by those who know good whiskey when they taste it, this robust bourbon offers notes of intense molasses and oak, along with the distillery’s signature earthiness. Non-chill filtered and bottled at precisely 117.2 proof, the point at which Eddie felt the whiskey’s character best shone through, it is a testament to a mastery worth collecting:

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Russell’s Reserve 15 Year Old Bourbon Details
  • Proof: 117.2
  • Aroma: Dried fruits, caramel, nutmeg, clove, and oak with distillery’s signature earthiness
  • Taste: Spiced fruits, including cherry and plum, transition to notes of molasses, coffee, tobacco, and mature oak
  • Finish: Long lasting finish with hints of dark cocoa, caramel, and smooth oak
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Available July 1, 2024 in US & Asia

Russell’s Reserve 15 Year Old 2024 Limited Release is available for a limited time for $250 SRP per 750ml bottle at select retailers throughout the US and Asia beginning July 1. Fans can sign up for the Russell’s Reserve community newsletter at to be the first to learn about online availability. Whether you’re enjoying Russell’s Reserve with your family or with friends, please remember to do so responsibly.

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