Ten Day High Rye Bourbon Review (Single Barrel)

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Curious about a bourbon with surprising notes of raspberry candy? Our review dives into Ten Day High Rye, a unique take on high-rye bourbon with a light and interesting flavor profile. For the full tasting notes and verdict, head over to our in-depth review!
Ten Day Bourbon
High Rye
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Single Barrel
(Liquor Barn KY, May 2024)
6 Years Old
100 Proof

Please enjoy our Ten Day High Rye Bourbon Review! (Please note that this review is of the Single Barrel released at Liquor Barn in Kentucky in May 2024. Other single barrels may have different flavor profiles.)

Every Ten Days

Ten Day Bourbon’s name harkens back to the days of Prohibition. During that period, “patients” could receive a prescription for their “medicinal” whiskey every 10 days. Fortunately we no longer have those restrictions. However, the name still seems appropriate for a brand started by three doctors.

Ten Day High Rye Bourbon

The first release from Ten Day Bourbon was also a “rye” bourbon, in that it used rye as the secondary grain, after corn. This new release, however, uses a much higher percentage of rye. In fact, there is almost as much rye as corn in the mash bill! Like the first release, this bourbon is also 6 years old, and is bottled at 100 proof. Why 100 proof? That’s to pay homage to the “medicinal” whiskey of days of old. It had to be Bottled in Bond, and therefore, 100 proof.

Mash Bill: 51% corn, 45% rye, 4% malted barley

So, what’s it like?

Sample Bottle - Ten Day High Rye Bourbon Single Barrel Review
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Tasting Notes – Ten Day High Rye Bourbon Review

Let’s taste it:

🛏 Rested for 15 minutes in a Glencairn Glass

👉🏻Nose: Sweet raspberry candy, light rye spices like cloves, light dry oak, balsa, subtle cedar, mildly sweet light caramel; relatively mild alcohol
👉🏻Taste: Slightly sweet raspberry & simple syrup; light caramel, dry oak, white pepper spice; fairly light body
👉🏻Finish: White pepper spice grows fairly quickly, light rye spices, hint of tart citrus later on as the spice subsides slightly; dry oak and mild char; fairly long and dry; moderate warmth.

Sample Bottle & Glencairn Glass - Ten Day High Rye Bourbon Single Barrel Review

The nose has bright sweet fruit, like a sweet raspberry candy. It is on a background of drier woods, like dry oak and balsa, but there is some cedar, too. Rye spices are present, but are relatively subtle, and there is mildly sweet light caramel, too. The alcohol is less evident than I would expect for 100 proof. The sweet raspberries continue into the taste, where there is again a light caramel, dry oak and developing white pepper spice, which rapidly rises in the finish, and lingers. Light rye spices remain, with a hint of tart citrus later on. There is quite a bit of dryness too, with dry oak and mild char. The white pepper spice lingers for quite some time.

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Raspberry Candy?

Bright, sweet raspberry candy is not often a dominant flavor in bourbon, and it was particularly surprising to find it in a high rye bourbon. However, it makes an interesting combination with the dry woodiness, and surprisingly Iight rye spices, given the very high percentage of rye. In fact, the flavors overall are fairly light for a high rye, 6 year old, 100 proof bourbon. Because of that, Ten Day High Rye Bourbon should be your first pour of the evening, lest the flavors could seem quite subdued.

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Ten Day High Rye Bourbon has a fairly light, but unique, flavor profile for a high rye bourbon. However, as an early pour in the evening, or on a warm day, it would be quite enjoyable. It is important to note, however, that this is a single barrel, and future barrels could have a different flavor profile.

We hope you have enjoyed our Ten Day High Rye Bourbon Single Barrel Review!

This sample was graciously provided by the company for my review. This particular Ten Day High Rye Single Barrel Bourbon will be available in Liquor Barn stores in Kentucky starting May 10.

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