The Reserve By Old Elk (Video)

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The Reserve By Od Elk Distillery is Old Elk's boutique cocktail bar in downtown Fort Collins. It's a great place to sample Old Elk whiskeys, as well as enjoy cocktails and food. Check out our short video and also our full review to learn more!
The Reserve By Old Elk Distillery is Old Elk Distillery’s Boutique Cocktail Bar in Old Town Fort Collins

We hope you enjoy our short The Reserve By Old Elk Video! Then, check out our full The Reserve By Old Elk Distillery Review & Tour.

What happens when you put together the Founder and Developer of OtterBox and the long time master distiller at MGP? Well, you get Old Elk Distillery, of course! Old Elk is based in Fort Collins, CO. But don’t go trying to find the distillery – you can’t – it’s not on the map! However, you can find The Reserve By Old Elk, their boutique cocktail bar, right there in downtown Fort Collins! It’s a great place to visit if you are looking to sample some of Old Elk’s whiskeys. In addition, they have great food and cocktails, too!

Old Elk Distillery uses a unique “Slow Cut Proofing” process in making their whiskeys. After aging, the whiskey, be it bourbon, rye or wheat whiskey, comes out of the barrel at, well, barrel proof. That is pure undiluted whiskey. However, to get to bottling proof, fresh Colorado mountain water is added. Instead of adding the water over a short period of time, the folks at Old Elk Distillery take their time. Lots of time. Weeks, in fact. The idea is that the slow proofing process will preserve more of the bourbon’s flavor.

At The Reserve By Old Elk Distillery there is the opportunity to try all of Old Elk’s offerings, include their bourbons and other whiskeys, the Whiskeysmith line of flavored whiskeys and Dry Town vodka and gin. We did our best to try all of those things, as you can see in the video!

Check out our short The Reserve By Old Elk video from the @Bourbon_Obsessed Instagram page by clicking below! Don’t forget to give us a follow!

We hope you enjoyed our short The Reserve By Old Elk Video. Next, check out our full write up in our The Reserve By Old Elk Review & Tour! If you would like to learn about some of their whiskeys, then check out our Old Elk Wheated Bourbon Review and Old Elk Blended Straight Bourbon Review! Cheers!

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