Tommyrotter Bourbon Review

Tommyrotter Bourbon, from Tommyrotter Distillery in Buffalo, NY, is a blend of 3 MGP bourbons finished in cabernet barrels for 3 months. So what's it like, and what about that name? Read on to find out!

Napa Valley Heritance Cask
Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Finished in Taub Family Selections’ Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Casks
Distilled in Indiana
Finished and Bottled by Tommyrotter Distillery
Buffalo, NY
No Chill Filtration, No Color Added
95 Proof
MSRP $50.99

Please enjoy our Tommyrotter Bourbon review!

Tommyrotter Bourbon, from Tommyrotter Distillery in Buffalo, NY, is a blend of 3 MGP bourbons finished in cabernet barrels for 3 months. So what’s it like, and what about that name? Read on to find out!

What’s in a name?

Of course, the first thing I noticed about this bourbon, after the bright red label, is its name – Tommyrotter. The distillery website says that it is named after the word tommyrot which means nonsense. Accordingly, they go on to say “The Tommyrotters’ Club was a band of rebellious artisans in the early 20th century who broke rank from the Arts and Crafts Movement to create for creation’s sake. They sought adventure, mischief and inspiration in nature. Honoring their industrious spirit of back, hand and heart, Tommyrotter Distillery crafts small batch spirits.”

A Blend of 3 Indiana Bourbons

Tommyrotter Bourbon is a blend of 3 MGP (presumably) mash bills: high corn, high wheat and high rye bourbons, all of different ages. They are blended and then finished in Cabernet Sauvignon casks for 3 months.

Tasting Notes – Tommyrotter Bourbon

Let’s taste it:

🛌 Rested for 15 minutes in a Glencairn

👉Nose: Dark berries & stone fruits, light rye spice; caramel, brown sugar; cooling wintergreen overlying the other flavors; light oak; mild alcohol
👉Taste: Dark stone fruits, Concord grape juice, mild brown sugar, caramel, light rye spices; fairly sweet with light honey; soft mouthfeel
👉Finish: Dark stone fruits linger and are joined by mild white pepper spice, soft tannins and a dark berry tanginess; a bit of barrel char and oak rise later on; fairly long but gentle finish with minimal burn

An Easy Drinking Bourbon

Tommyrotter Bourbon is a very easy drinking bourbon. I was a little worried that with 3 months in a cabernet barrel that the wine flavors would be overpowering, but that is not the case. The flavors are definitely there, but still remain quite complimentary to the flavors of the bourbon. Interestingly, 3 different bourbon mash bills are used. I am noticing the rye spices, particularly in the nose, although the considerable sweetness is probably coming from the high corn bourbon, and the softness from the wheated bourbon. So, each is playing its role. It would be interesting to learn in what proportions each was used.

Conclusion – Perfect Timing

For me, I am trying this bourbon at the perfect time. It is exactly what I am looking for to sip outside on a warm late Spring or Summer day. Yet, it would still hold up as the nights got cooler. In general, cabernet finished bourbons are not my proverbial cup of tea. However, I am enjoying the Tommyrotter Bourbon Finished in Cabernet Casks, likely due to the relatively subtlety of the wine flavors. What about you? Are you a cabernet finished bourbon fan? Cheers!🥃

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