Union Horse Reserve Bourbon Review

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Union Horse Reserve Bourbon is made from a sour mash of corn and rye, aged for 5+ years in Missouri oak, and is non-chill filtered. Want to learn more? Then read our full review!

Reserve Straight Bourbon
Union Horse Distilling Co
92 Proof
Age: 5+ Years
MSRP: $41

Please enjoy our Union Horse Reserve Bourbon review!

Union Horse Distilling is a family owned “grain to glass” distillery in the Kansas City area (Lenexa, KS). They use midwestern grains, distill on a 500 gallon hybrid column-pot copper still, and produce their whiskey in small batches.

Union Horse Reserve Bourbon Is Made From A Mash Of Corn & Rye

From the Union Horse website: “Distilled from a sour mash recipe of corn and rye, Union Horse Reserve Bourbon goes the distance. Handcrafted in our copper pot still using only traditional methods – we distill our bourbon gently in small batches and age it to perfection in our signature oak barrels.”

Mash Bill
  • Mash Bill: 80% Corn, 20% rye
  • Aging: Union Horse uses a fairly low barrel entry proof of 110 and the bourbon is aged in Missouri Oak barrels for 5+ Years in a non-climate controlled warehouse
  • Filtering: Non-Chill Filtered
Union Horse Reserve Bourbon Review - Full Bottle (Photo: Union Horse Distilling Co)
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Tasting Notes – Union Horse Reserve Bourbon Review

Let’s taste it:

🛌 Rested for 15 minutes in a Glencairn

👉Nose: Light caramel and light, but buttery, butterscotch; sweet dark cherries, brown sugar & vanilla; mild dry oak & cedar; bit of tart orange citrus; mild to moderate alcohol
👉Taste: Dark cherry, light caramel, mild milk chocolate, brown sugar; hint of sweet tangerine, tart orange peel and mild dry oak
👉Finish: The same flavors linger, notably the tart orange citrus; they are joined by a bit of barrel char and mild black pepper spice. The finish is fairly long, with a mild burn.

Interestingly, Union Horse Reserve Bourbon’s flavors remain relatively similar from start to finish in this easy drinking whiskey. When I first tried it, the cherry was most noticeable to me in the nose. However, after a few days to open up, the fruit flavors in the nose became a combination of tart orange peel and sweet dark cherries. That combines nicely with fairly soft flavors of caramel, butter and light butterscotch, and just a hint of wood, both oak and pine. In the taste the flavors are similar, with a touch of milk chocolate thrown into the mix. The finish adds a small bit of barrel char and black pepper spice, and lingers on for quite a while.

Union Horse Reserve Bourbon Review - Glencairn and Sample Bottle
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Union Horse Reserve Bourbon is very enjoyable and easy to drink. The flavors are a bit unique, with the expected caramel, butterscotch and vanilla. However, the added combination of tart orange peel and sweet dark cherries, was a bit unexpected, but pleasant, addition. If you’re a fan of these flavors, then you’ll want to give Union Horse Reserve Straight Bourbon a try! Cheers!

We hope you have enjoyed our Union Horse Reserve Bourbon review! Would you like to learn about another Union Horse whiskey? Then read our Union Horse Rolling Standard Four Grain Whiskey Review!

Thank you to Nancy at Union Horse Distilling for graciously providing this whiskey for my review!

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