Virtual Video Tour of Southern Distilling Company

Here is a short (less than 4 minute) video tour from our visit to the Southern Distilling Company in Statesville, North Carolina.

The Southern Distilling Company sits on a 20 acre farm in Statesville, North Carolina. In the late 1800’s Statesville was home to many distilleries, blenders and wholesalers due to its excellent location at the crossroads of major wagon roads, as well as having a railroad depot. Statesville’s liquor boom ended with Prohibition, with the Southern Distilling Company being the first distillery to reopen in town since.

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The distillery was founded in 2013. Currently there is a hybrid-pot still and a 40 foot column still. The Southern Distilling Company is primarily a contract distiller, although they do have a few products under their own label. These currently include sourced bourbon and a bourbon cream. Their own bourbon is patiently waiting, to be released sometime after 4 years of aging. There is a nice cocktail bar on site, where both tastings and cocktails are available, and there is a store to purchase their whiskey and logo items. Two different tours are available, one longer and more in depth, with both including tastings. A tasting only and designed driver option are also available.

We had a very pleasant few hours visiting this distillery. Thanks Melissa for the great tour, loads of information and tasty cocktails! We’ll definitely be back the next time we are in the Statesville area! Cheers! ?

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