Weekly Bourbon News – February 2, 2024

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Let's take a look at this week's whiskey, bourbon and distillery news for February 2, 2024! Here are the headlines: Lodestar Whiskey introduces first blend; Redwood Empire announces Small Lot Series; Heaven Hill announces Heritage Collection Aged 18 Years; Bulleit releases an American Single Malt; Bushmills presents Origins of Whiskey

I hope you enjoy this short recap of notable Distillery, Whiskey & Bourbon News from the past week. If you want to learn more about any entry, then simply follow the links to read the full press release and other sources. Read on for the Whiskey & Bourbon News for February 2, 2024! Cheers!

Weekly Whiskey & Bourbon News – February 2, 2024

This week we will start off with a few highlights from BourbonObsessed.com, and then move on to the whiskey and bourbon news for the week.

Bottle & Glencairn - Old Forester 1924 Bourbon Review
Old Forester 1924 Bourbon Review

Old Forester 1924 is the latest addition to the Old Fo’ Whiskey Row Series. It joins the 1870, 1897, 1910 and 1920, each a year of significance in Old Forester’s history. Aged for 10 years, OF 1924 brings older characteristics to the younger flavor profile of the other bourbons in this series. It is now one of my favorite Old Forester Bourbons. However, 1924 carries a significantly higher price tag, as well. Learn all about it in my Old Forester 1924 Bourbon Review!

Bardstown Bourbon Company Tour Review
Bardstown Bourbon Company Tour Review

The Bardstown Bourbon Company is a unique distillery, offering many different visitor experiences, including tours, tastings, and cocktail classes. The on-site Kitchen & Bar provides delicious food and drinks, and a well stocked gift shop further adds to the experience. The distillery itself is state of the art, and very interesting to see. It is one of my favorite distilleries to visit. Read our Bardstown Bourbon Company Tour review to learn more!

Now, let’s move on to this week’s distillery, whiskey and bourbon news! First will be a few new whiskeys:

Weekly Whiskey & Bourbon News – February 2, 2024

Lodestar American Whiskey - Weekly Whiskey & Bourbon News - February 2, 2024
Lodestar Whiskey Introduces Their First Whiskey Blend

Lodestar Whiskey is co-founded by cousins and entertainment industry veterans Anna Axster and Wendelin von Schroder, who had long wanted to create an inclusive and approachable whiskey. It is backed by the Distill Ventures Pre-Accelerator program, which is a “funding and mentorship program designed specifically for premium spirits & non-alcoholic drinks brands led by underrepresented founders”. Distill Ventures is backed by Diageo, and Lodestar is the first whiskey brand to be funded.

Lodestar Whiskey strives to create a spirit that is approachable and “inclusive and inviting to those who are new to the whiskey community while also satisfying the palates of those who enjoy whiskey regularly”. To that means, Lodestar is a blend of Straight High Rye Bourbon and American Single Malt, is bottled at 90 proof and has a suggested price of $45. It is available at select retail locations across California and e-commerce retail. The source and age of the whiskeys are undisclosed. Being a fan of both components, the blend sounds interesting to me, and I am looking forward to trying it!

Press Release: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/women-founded-lodestar-whiskey-introduces-its-first-whiskey-blend-to-california-and-e-commerce-retail-302041462.html

Weekly Whiskey & Bourbon News – February 2, 2024

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Redwood Empire Whiskey Unveils New Small Lot Series
Redwood Empire Small Lot Series. Photo Credit: Redwood Empire
Small Lot Series (Photo Credit: Redwood Empire)

Redwood Empire announced the launch of their Small Lot Series. “The Small Lot Series is a testament to our passion for whiskey making and our desire to share unique expressions with discerning drinkers,” says Jeff Duckhorn, Master Distiller at Redwood Empire Whiskey. “Each whiskey in this series is a result of meticulous attention to detail, from grain selection and distillation to barrel aging and blending. We are excited to see how whiskey enthusiasts and newcomers alike react to these exceptional spirits.”

There are three initial releases. The first two are now available, or will be available soon, at retailers and on the Redwood Empire website (in limited quantities). They are Foggy Burl Single Malt Whiskey and Devils Tower High Rye Bourbon. Both of these whiskeys appear to be distilled at Redwood Empire (Graton Distilling Company?). The third release, Screaming Titan Wheated Bourbon, will be available in March 2024. The front label of this whiskey states “Bottled In Sonoma County, California”. Since the other two state on their labels “Distilled grain to glass in Sonoma County, California”, I am wondering if some or all of the components of Screaming Titan bourbon were distilled elsewhere? Either way, this sounds like an interesting set of whiskeys, and I am looking forward to trying them, as well! (Pricing is not currently available)

Press Release: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/redwood-empire-whiskey-unveils-new-small-lot-series-302049049.html

Weekly Whiskey & Bourbon News – February 2, 2024

Heaven Hill Heritage Collection Aged 18 Years (photo credit: Heaven Hill Distillery) - - Weekly Whiskey & Bourbon News - February 2, 2024
Heaven Hill Heritage Collection Aged 18 Years
(photo credit: Heaven Hill Distillery)
Frootbat - Making hard to find liquor easy to buy

Heaven Hill Announces 18 Year Old 2024 Heritage Collection Bourbon

A new whiskey for Heaven Hill’s Heritage Collection is released every spring. These whiskeys are of traditional styles and mash bills, and are generally 15 years old or older. The first release was a 17 year old Bourbon, the second release was a 20 year old Corn Whiskey, and the third and latest release will be an 18 year old Bourbon. For the upcoming release, the bourbon is bottled at 120 proof, will begin shipping in March 2024 and will have a suggested retail price of $299.99.

133 barrels went into this blend. However, a significant amount of the bourbon will have been lost due to evaporation during the 18 years of aging. So, I am just guessing, but maybe in the neighborhood of 10,000 – 11,000 bottles will be available. I am assuming this bourbon will be in very high demand and will be fairly difficult to find near its suggested price. At least, that has been the case with its predecessors. However, I do also expect it to be very good!

Press Release at The Bourbon Review: https://www.gobourbon.com/new-release-heaven-hills-2024-heritage-collection-18-year-kentucky-straight-bourbon/

Weekly Whiskey & Bourbon News – February 2, 2024

For the Irish Whiskey fans out there:

Bushmill's Origins of Whiskey - Weekly Whiskey & Bourbon News - February 2, 2024
Frootbat - Making hard to find liquor easy to buy

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Bushmills Presents: Origins of Whiskey

If you are an Irish Whiskey fan and will be near either New York City in February or Chicago in early March, then this might interest you. Bushmills is presenting their Origins of Whiskey event. They don’t go into detail, but the following is the information provided on the event website:

Immerse yourself in the unexpected origins, sacred traditions, and rich history of the world’s favorite spirit, as told by famed Irish storytellers. When you step inside the event space, you’ll be greeted with a cocktail, before entering into an immersive tasting room. Here you’ll savor a lineup of single malt whiskeys from world’s Oldest Licensed Whiskey Distillery, Bushmills. With each pour, you’ll be transported to a new location in Ireland through the magic of immersive technology and authentic Irish storytelling.

The New York Event if free, but appears to be on waitlist. The Chicago event is $35 per person and has plenty of availability at this point.

Event Page: https://originsofwhiskey.com

Weekly Whiskey & Bourbon News – February 2, 2024

Lastly, Bulleit has released an American Single Malt. I can not find any official information about it, but I did find a bottle, so I’ll be reviewing it soon!

Well, that’s it! I hope you have enjoyed this week’s Weekly Bourbon News! If you would like our weekly bourbon and distillery news delivered directly to your inbox, please sign up for our mailing list here. Have a great weekend and see you again next week! Cheers!🥃

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