Weekly Bourbon News – January 26, 2024

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Let's take a look at this week's whiskey, bourbon and distillery news for January 26, 2024! Here are the headlines: Paradigm Spirits Heritage Collection named Canadian Whisky of the Year; Green River Distilling Announces Rye Whiskey; Barrel House Distilling Expansion in Cynthiana; New Riff names first Master Distiller; Woodford Releases Double Double Oaked Bourbon

I hope you enjoy this short recap of notable Whiskey, Bourbon & Distillery News from the past week. If you want to learn more about any entry, then simply follow the links to read the full press release and other sources. Read on for the Whiskey & Bourbon News for January 26, 2024! Cheers!

To start off this week, let’s follow up on some news from two weeks ago.

Bottle & Glencairn - Bottle Stopper - Traveller Whiskey Review
Traveller Whiskey Review

Two weeks ago, Traveller Whiskey, a collaboration between Grammy-winning musician Chris Stapleton and Buffalo Trace Distillery, was in the news. Traveller is a blended whiskey named after Stapleton’s first album. Over the past two weeks, I have had the opportunity to try Traveller Whiskey a few times, and to review it. It’s a pleasant, flavorful, relatively low proof pour, that would be a good choice for anyone looking for a lighter whiskey experience. However, it is not for those expecting a bourbon, because it isn’t one. If you are curious to know more, then read my full Traveller Whiskey Review!

Weekly Whiskey & Bourbon News – January 26, 2024

Paradigm Spirits 2022 Heritage Collection Whisky - Whisky of the  Year: Photo credit: paradigmspirits.com - Weekly Whiskey & Bourbon News - January 26, 2024
2022 Heritage Collection Whisky by Paradigm Spirits Co. (Photo credit: paradigmspirits.com)
Whisky Of The Year – Canadian Whiskey Awards

The Paradigm Spirits 2022 Heritage Collection, a 19-year-old, 100% Canadian corn whisky, was crowned Whisky of the Year at the Canadian Whisky Awards. The competition took place a few days ago, coinciding with the Victoria Whisky Festival. And yes, Canada spells whisky without the “e”.

Paradigm Spirits is a relatively new distillery, being established in 2020 in London, Ontario. Therefore, this 19 year old whisky was distilled elsewhere, although that distillery is not disclosed. The 19 year old Corn Whisky was blended with Oloroso Sherry to create the final product. You read that correctly, the sherry was added into the whisky. Canada has different rules than the US, and this is allowed. The 2022 Heritage Collection was bottled at 90 proof and retails for around $120. In addition to its current award, this whisky has also been awarded a Double Gold at the 2022 SIP Awards (San Francisco), a Gold at the Bartender Spirits Awards 2023 (Chicago), and a Double Platinum at the 2022 ASCOT Awards (Kentucky).

I am a little confused how a 2022 release can be the 2024 whisky of the year, but I am assuming it must have to do with the timing of its release and the timing of this competition?

If you are interested, the complete list of 2024 Canadian Whisky Awards winners is at this link: https://canadianwhiskyawards.com/news-results/2024-canadian-whisky-awards-results

Press release: Paradigm Spirits Co. Crowned 2024 Whisky of the Year by Esteemed Judges at the Canadian Whisky Awards (newswire.ca)

Weekly Whiskey & Bourbon News – January 26, 2024

Green River Straight Rye Whiskey - Photo Credit: Green River Distilling Co.
Photo Credit: Green River Distilling Co.
Green River Distilling Announces New Straight Rye Whiskey

Green River Distilling, of Owensboro, KY, previously released two bourbons, a “rye” bourbon and a “wheated” bourbon, under their own label. Now, in 2024, a 95 proof rye is being added to the portfolio. Made from a mash bill of 95% (unmalted) rye and 5% malted rye, this rye whiskey is a blend of four to six year old barrels, all distilled, aged, blended and bottled at Green River Distilling Co. The suggested retail price is $34.99. Green River Rye Whiskey will be available in their 25 current markets beginning February 1, 2024. Green River Rye will also go on sale at the distillery at 9am that day, and special VIP tours (advance reservations recommended) will also be available. In addition, from 2 – 5 p.m. the community is invited to the distillery for music, food and cocktails featuring the new release.

Bardstown Bourbon Company purchased Green River Distilling Co. in July 2022. Green River currently distributes in 25 markets, and they will add 8 new markets this year (Nevada, Arizona, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Washington, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Massachusetts).

Press release: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20240123264774/en/Green-River-Distilling-Co.-Introduces-Kentucky-Straight-Rye-Whiskey

Weekly Whiskey & Bourbon News – January 26, 2024

Barrel House Distilling Co - Weekly Whiskey & Bourbon News - January 26, 2024
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Barrel House Distilling Co. To Expand In Harrison County, Kentucky

Barrel House Distilling Co just broke ground on their new project in Cynthiana, Kentucky. The new facility will primarily produce Barrel House Select Bourbon, but many of Barrel House’s other products will be made there, as well. These include Pure Blue Vodka, Oak Rum, Barrel House Rum, Devil John Moonshine, Dark Shine, Brandy, and King Solomon Rye Whiskey. Production will also continue at their current facility in Lexington, KY. In addition to the production facilities, there will also be an event space that will accommodate up to 100 people. In addition, tours will be available, as well.

Barrel House Distilling Company began in Lexington, KY back in 2006. They currently have a distillery located in the barreling house of the old Pepper Distillery, in Lexington’s Distillery District. Also on-site, is the Elkhorn Tavern, serving cocktails, spirits, wine, beer and light food items. Tours and bottle purchases are also available.

Press release: https://www.barrelhousedistillery.com/expansion-news

Weekly Whiskey & Bourbon News – January 26, 2024

Frootbat - Making hard to find liquor easy to buy

Brian Sprance Name New Riff Master Distiller
Brian Sprance - New Riff Master Distiller - Photo Credit: New Riff Distilling
Brian Sprance – New Riff Master Distiller – Photo Credit: New Riff Distilling

New Riff Distilling has named Brian Sprance as their first Master Distiller. Brian has been Head Distiller at New Riff since its inception in 2014. Prior to that, he was a brewer at the Boston Beer Company in Cincinnati. Brian was mentored by Larry Ebersold, the former Master Distiller at Seagrams in Lawrenceburg, IN (later to become LDI and then MGP). After his retirement from LDI, Larry Ebersold began consulting, and was instrumental in the early days of New Riff.

Prior to this appointment, New Riff did not have a Master Distiller position. So, naming Brian Sprance their Master Distiller marks a new milestone in New Riff’s history. This year also marks New Riff’s tenth anniversary. The year will include expansion into new markets, celebrations and the release of older whiskeys.

New Riff Distilling is located in Newport, KY, just outside of Cincinnati. They are best known for their rye and bourbon whiskeys, as well as their Kentucky Wild Gin.

Press release at Breaking Bourbon: https://www.breakingbourbon.com/bourbon-whiskey-press-releases/new-riff-distilling-names-first-master-distiller

Weekly Whiskey & Bourbon News – January 26, 2024

Woodford Double Double Oaked Bourbon (Jan 2024 Release) - Weekly Whiskey & Bourbon News - January 26, 2024
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Woodford Reserve Releases Double Double Oaked Bourbon

Double Double Oaked is an annual limited release bourbon from Woodford Reserve. It is part of Woodford’s Distillery Series. First appearing in 2015, the Double Double Oaked bourbon was not released again until 2017. While initially remaining relatively unknown, it gradually gained popularity and has been an annual release ever since. The Double Double Oaked traditionally has been released in late January at the distillery, and this year the release date was Tuesday January 23. It generally sells out the first day, occasionally lasting to the next day. The bourbon also has limited availability in Kentucky retailers, but will likely be difficult to find. The price is $79.99 for a 375ml bottle, a fairly significant increase from $59.99 last year.

Double Double Oaked differs from Woodford Double Oaked Bourbon, part of their core lineup, in one very important way. Instead of aging the bourbon in a second heavily toasted and lightly charred barrel for one year, Double Double Oaked remains in that barrel for two years. I have been a fan of this bourbon for years, although I was happier when the price was lower. Stay tuned for my full review on BourbonObsessed.com. In the meantime, you can watch my short Reel of the release at the distillery on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C2dvKMiMMIG/?igsh=b3Z6cXh2Nm5rcHk=

Weekly Whiskey & Bourbon News – January 26, 2024

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