Weller Full Proof, Single Barrel & Taylor 18 Year Old Marriage Review

Join me as I sample a flight and do a Weller Full Proof, Weller Single Barrel & E.H. Taylor 18 Year Old Marriage Review

Dream Flight: Weller / Taylor 18 Year Old Marriage Review

Colonel E. H. Taylor, Jr. 18 Year Old Marriage
Weller Full Proof
Weller Single Barrel

Join me as I sample a flight and do a Weller Full Proof, Weller Single Barrel & E.H. Taylor 18 Year Old Marriage Review

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My favorite restaurant received a delivery of some of the latest Buffalo Trace releases this week, and I was eager to give them a try. I was fortunate enough to be able to put together a flight of three recently released bourbons that I had really wanted to try: The E. H. Taylor 18 Year Old Marriage, the latest release of the the Weller Full Proof, and the newly released Weller Single Barrel. All are Kentucky straight bourbon whiskeys.

Colonel E. H. Taylor 18 Year Old Marriage Review

Taylor 18 Year Old Marriage is Bottled in Bond, like most of its Taylor brethren, so it is 100 proof. It’s all sweet caramel, vanilla, light tea and oak, a bit lighter than I would have expected for its age. It reminds me of perfectly sweetened tea aged in an oak barrel. It is very well balanced, which presumably has to do with it being a perfectly melded “marriage” of the wheated bourbon, rye bourbon #1 and rye bourbon #2 mashbills.

Weller Full Proof Review (Summer 2020 release)

Weller Full Proof is 114 proof. It’s full bodied, and syrupy with lots of caramel, sweet maple syrup, oak, char, and some astringency with a moderate burn and a long finish. I have to say that I really like this one. For most people that wouldn’t be a surprise, but this is the fourth different Weller Full Proof I have tried since it came out and I did not like the others at all.

Weller Single Barrel Review

Weller Single Barrel was bottled at 97 proof. It brings relatively light caramel, oak, char and some sugary sweetness. This one has a comparably light mouthfeel, nose and finish. It reminds me of Weller Special Reserve with just a little more oak and char.

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It was no surprise to me that I really enjoyed the Taylor 18 Year Marriage. I have been anxiously waiting for that one to come out since it was announced. I would like to get a bottle but that’s probably unlikely. We’ll see. What was the surprise to me was the Weller Full Proof. After trying three other Full Proofs I thought it just wasn’t for me but this one changed that. The Single Barrel was a bit of a disappointment. I really expected more from it. I wish it had a few more proof points. However since these are single barrels, I am happy to keep trying them because they should all be somewhere different.

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Stay safe you all. Cheers!🥃

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