Wood Hat Bloody Dapper Bourbon Review

Wood Hat Bloody Dapper Bourbon is distilled in a small craft distillery in Missouri. It's a wheated bourbon, made with Bloody Butcher corn and aged in small Chinquapin Oak barrels. So, what's it like? Read on to find out!

Bloody Dapper
Missouri Bourbon Whiskey
Batch No. 7
Wood Hat Spirits
100 Proof
MSRP: $67.99

Please enjoy our Wood Hat Bloody Dapper Bourbon Review!

“Bloody Dapper is a wheated bourbon made with our heirloom Bloody Butcher Red corn. It is smooth up front with a rich, mellow yet peppery mid-palate, and a pleasing, warm finish.” – Wood Hat Spirits

Wood Hat Spirits is a craft distillery located in New Florence, Missouri, which is about an hour and a half west of St. Louis. Gary Hinegardner, the owner and distiller, is an expert on corn, and he experiments with many different heirloom varieties. One of these corns is Bloody Butcher.

Bloody Butcher Corn

Bloody Butcher corn is an heirloom red dent corn that is said to have been first grown in Virginia in the 1840’s. It was quite popular in the 1800s, but was gradually replaced by higher yielding and lighter tasting yellow dent corn. A few distillers have begun making whiskey with Bloody Butcher corn, and it certainly does provide a very different flavor profile than the standard yellow variety.

Mash Bill & Aging – Wood Hat Bloody Dapper Bourbon

75% Bloody Butcher corn, 25% wheat
Aged a minimum of 22 months (around 3 years for this one) in 15 gallon Chinquapin oak barrels

Wood Hat Bloody Dapper Bourbon Bottle and DIAMAS Glass
Wood Hat Bloody Dapper Bourbon & DIAMAS Tumbler
Tasting Notes

Let’s taste it:

🛌 Rested for 15 minutes in a Glencairn (and in a DIAMAS Tumbler)

👉Nose: Buttery, butterscotch, sweet creamed corn; dark plum, brown sugar and corn syrup; fairly sweet & rich; mild oak; moderate alcohol
👉Taste: Similar flavors continue into the taste, picking up some caramel along the way
👉Finish: The flavors continue into the finish and are joined and gradually replaced by slowly building moderate white pepper spice and mild char; some oak and dryness later on; relatively mild burn; fairly long finish

The nose is buttery, rich and sweet. There are dark stone fruit flavors, like plum, but with almost a dark red wine character, like an old school Zinfandel. Similar flavors continue into the taste with white pepper spice and some dryness becoming more dominant later on in the finish. There’s a mild lingering graininess, as well.

Frootbat - Making hard to find liquor easy to buy
Different than other Bloody Butcher Bourbons

Wood Hat Bloody Dapper is a very enjoyable bourbon, and unlike the other Bloody Butcher based bourbons that I have tried. The butter I get initially on the nose is quite striking, and the dark red wine notes blend so well. The dryness and white pepper that develop in the finish are a nice compliment to the rich, sweet flavors I enjoyed earlier on.

Wood Hat Bloody Dapper Bourbon Stopper with Hat logo
Frootbat - Making hard to find liquor easy to buy

Wood Hat Bloody Dapper has the rich, full flavors that can only come from a hybrid or pot still. I really enjoy those flavors, although they are, of course, quite different than those of a bourbon distilled on a large column still. Likewise, the Bloody Butcher corn has a very different flavor profile than the yellow dent corn that is most commonly used. The still and the corn combine to provide a unique flavor profile. If you enjoy the full flavors that I have described and would like to try something a little different, then grab a bottle of Wood Hat Bloody Dapper Bourbon soon! Cheers!🥃

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