Rebel 100 Rye Review

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Since merging with MGP, Lux Row Distillers has introduced 3 new rye whiskeys: Old Ezra 7 Year Rye, Rebel 100 Rye, and most recently, Ezra Brooks 99 Rye. The Rebel 100 Rye is a 2 year old rye using a low rye mash bill and selling for under $20. So what's it like? Read our review to find out!
Rebel 100
Straight Rye Whiskey
100 proof
Aged 24 months
Distilled & Aged in Indiana
Bottled for Lux Row Distillers
MSRP: $19.99

Please enjoy our Rebel 100 Rye Review!

“Defiantly smooth rye whiskey”

Lux Row Is Stepping Up Their Ryes

Since the merger/acquisition with MGP, Lux Row has really been stepping up their rye offerings. And why not – they are now one and the same with arguably one of the best large production rye distillers in the country. It naturally follows that Lux Row has no intention to distill their own rye. However, they are bottling MGP ryes under their own labels, and at a fairly frantic pace, I might add. In the past maybe 8 months, they have introduced Old Ezra 7 Year Rye, Rebel 100 Rye, and most recently, Ezra 99 Rye. The Old Ezra Rye is a blend of the high rye and low rye mash bills, and it is aged 7 years, and that sets it apart from the other two rye offerings.

Both the Ezra 99 Rye and the Rebel 100 Rye use the same low rye mash bill. They are also both aged just 2 years, the bear minimum for being allowed to use the “straight” designation on their labels. So, how do they differ, you might ask. Well, other than the one proof point and $5 price difference, that is not entirely clear.

Mash Bill

51% rye, 45% corn and 4% malt mash bill

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Tasting Notes – Rebel 100 Rye Review

Let’s taste it:

🛌 Rested for 15 minutes in a Glencairn

👉Nose: Quite a bit of fruit, similar to Fruit Stripe Gum, but there’s some sweet apple juice, too; mild rye spices, mild cinnamon, a bit of of ginger, spearmint & wintergreen; sugary sweetness; moderate alcohol
👉Taste: Simples syrup sweetness, more noticeable rye spices and cinnamon spice too
👉Finish: The finish is long with lingering white pepper, cinnamon and rye spices as well as hints of lemon zest and lime. A little dry woodiness comes in at the end and lingers on my tongue for a long time

This is a very pleasant rye, yet a bit of an enigma in many ways. I am enjoying the transition throughout the sip from apple juice & fruit gum to rye spices to cinnamon and white pepper spice. I really would not have thought from the nose just how much rye spice would develop in the taste, yet it still remains fairly tame, especially when compared to some 95/5 ryes that are out there. The finish is quite pleasant, reminiscent of Dentyne gum and white pepper. although there is little dry toothpick at the end.

Rebel 100 Rye Bottle and Glencairn
Frootbat - Making hard to find liquor easy to buy


This is a rye that I will now always have on my bar. It has surprising flavor and complexity to it for a $20 rye. I would also challenge anyone to guess that it has been aged only 2 years. While ryes generally do mature earlier than bourbons, Rebel 100 Rye really does drink beyond its years.

Have you had Rebel 100 Rye? What did you think? Let me know! Cheers!🥃

I hope you have enjoyed our Rebel 100 Rye Review! Would you like to learn more about this rye’s close cousin? Then why not read our Ezra Brooks 99 Rye Review!

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