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Alias Straight Rye Whiskey Review

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Alias Rye Whiskey Front Label

Alias Straight Rye Whiskey
Ross & Squibb Distillery
90 Proof
MSRP: $28

Please enjoy our Alias Straight Rye Whiskey Review by Ray Marcano

Alias Straight Rye Whiskey

When is a straight rye whiskey almost not a straight rye whiskey? When it’s the Alias Straight Rye Whiskey from the Ross & Squibb Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana!


Ross & Squibb issued its first release of Alias in May. If you recall, MGP and Luxco merged in 2021, and renamed the MGP distillery to Ross & Squibb

“The Alias brand pays tribute to our country’s early female distilling pioneers, many of whom used their initials to hide their gender in order to own and operate distilleries,” according to a Luxco press release. ”Alias Rye Whiskey features a bold, black bottle and black label with a striking white logo and the slogan: “Forgotten Names. Unforgettable Flavors.””

The distillery generously provided Alias to Bourbon Obsessed .com  for review. 

Alias Rye Whiskey Review Full Bottle (photo: Luxco)
Alias Rye Whiskey Review (Photo: Luxco)
Mash Bill

Alias Straight Rye Whiskey has a mash bill of 51% rye, 45% corn, and 4% barley malt, according to the press release. See why it’s as close to bourbon as a rye can be? You can read more about rye whiskey characteristics here.

Alias Straight Rye Whiskey Tasting Notes

Let’s taste it:

🛏 Rested for 15 minutes in a Glencairn

👉🏻Nose: Light pepper and clove, honey, vanilla
👉🏻Taste: Mint, citrus, caramel
👉🏻Finish: Medium-long. pepper, rye, clove


This is certainly worth having in your collection. You can drink it straight (my choice) or on the rocks. It’s spicy enough where it will appease rye drinkers and also not turn off bourbon lovers. It’ll also make a mean Manhattan. 

Conclusion – Alias Straight Rye Whiskey Review

Alias’ light-colored pour might lead some to think this whiskey won’t have much character. But looks truly can be deceiving.  This whiskey has more bourbon characteristics, like caramel, you don’t often find in ryes. At 90 proof, it’s an easy drinker and at less than $30, it’s easy on the wallet.

I hope you have enjoyed our Alias Straight Rye Whiskey review by Ray Marcano. Ray publishes a free monthly newsletter, The Bourbon Resource. You can subscribe here. If you would like to learn about another rye whiskey from the Ross & Squibb Distillery, check out our Rossville Union Barrel Proof Rye Whiskey Review!

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