Aften Locken

Aften Locken

Mastering Bourbon Mixology Basics: The Three Fundamentals with an Element of Surprise!

Bourbon Mixology & Bartending Basics
Mastering bourbon mixology involves understanding the importance of spirit, sweet, and contrast in crafting a cocktail, with an optional fourth element of texture. This chapter explores these elements and provides recipes for three classic bourbon cocktails: The Old Fashioned, The Bourbon Sour, and The Kentucky Mule. Readers are encouraged to explore the endless possibilities of cocktail creation using these principles.

Best Bitters for Bourbon Cocktails

Best Bitters for Cocktails - Top Image - bottles
What are the best bitters for bourbon cocktails? If I may sway your cocktail bitters opinion, here is a breakdown of flavors and brands I would recommend giving a shot, as you commit to your long-term relationship with this key cocktail component. Three categories cover classic, versatile and wacky options. Start with a couple from each to get your home bar off to a strong start. Read on to learn more!

Advanced Bar Tools

Smoked cocktail - Advanced bar tools for the home bourbon bartender
Mixology starts from the bottom-up, putting top-level home bartending in a creative space that adds an extra layer of the unexpected and exciting, to an already well-crafted drink. At this point, you’ve mastered the Sazerac or recreated the Boulevardier. You may be getting garnish-happy, sculpting works of art on a skewer and are definitely ready for bigger and badder toys. This is the 3rd and final part of our series on Bar Tools For The Home Bourbon Bartender. Join us as we present some bar tools for the advanced home bartender!

Intermediate Home Bar Tools

Intermediate Bar Tools - Home Bourbon Bartender
Now that you can whip up a daiquiri or stir a Sazerac like the best of them, advancing the home bar tends to lead towards making your own mixers, batching some favorite recipes and upping the presentation. To travel down this road, consider the following additions from our suggested Intermediate Home Bar Tools.

Bourbons for Cocktails – The Top 10

Aften Top Ten Bourbons For Cocktails List
There are an estimated 900 gazillion bourbons available these days. Okay, maybe it’s only about a thousand but still, with even that many to choose from, asking which ones work best in cocktails is a very valid question. Sadly, I haven’t tasted every single bourbon –yet (although, believe me, I am giving it my best), but many great cocktails have been made from a few in particular that I can confidently recommend. Read on to learn the top 10 bourbons for cocktails!
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