Old Ezra 7 Rye Review

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Old Ezra 7 Rye is a blend of 95% and 51% rye whiskeys, distilled by Ross & Squibb Distillery (MGP) and released by Lux Row Distillers. It is bottled at 114 proof. How did it turn out? Read on to find out!

Old Ezra
Aged 7 Years
Straight Rye Whiskey
“Full Proof”
114 Proof
MSRP: $79.99

Please enjoy our Old Ezra 7 Rye Review!

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Distilled and Aged in Indiana for Lux Row Distillers, Bardstown, Kentucky. Charcoal Mellowed.

What is Old Ezra 7 Rye?

Old Ezra 7 Rye, while being from Lux Row Distillers in Bardstown, Kentucky, is, in fact, not a “Kentucky” rye. Lux Row owns MGP, or MGP owns Lux Row, I’m not sure which. But, honestly, it doesn’t matter. MGP, whose distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana is now known as Ross & Squibb, makes some of the best ryes that there are. So regardless of the name attached to this rye, we know that it should be very good.

Old Ezra 7 Rye Mash Bill

So, all preconceived notions aside, let’s take a closer look at Old Ezra 7 Rye. It is a blend of 2 of MGP’s (Ross & Squibb’s) rye mash bills:

95% rye, 5% malted barley
51% rye, 45% corn, 4% malted barley

That’s an interesting blend, but one that we have seen in Ross & Squibb’s own Rossville Union Rye. However, we don’t know the exact percentage of each mash bill that is used. The proof and the age are different from the other Lux Row and Ross & Squibb ryes, as well. So, we’ll expect the Old Ezra 7 Rye to be a unique, premium offering.

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Tasting Notes

Let’s taste it:

🛌 Rested for 15 minutes in a Glencairn

👉Nose: Sweet rich brown sugar, dark caramel, vanilla & a hint of spearmint; orange peel and rye spices; a bit of dark cherry fruit punch in the back; some oak, too; moderate alcohol
👉Taste: Brown sugar sweetness, almost syrupy; sweet cherry candy; burnt (but not too burnt) caramel; rye spices; orange peel
👉Finish: Brown sugar sweetness lingers for quite a while, with some orange peel tang and rye spices; eventually white pepper becomes dominant and lasts into the long finish. A touch of barrel char joins in as well. Moderate burn

Neck Label - Old Ezra 7 Rye Review
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A Full Rich Spicy Rye…With Sweetness & A Bit Of Fruit

This is a rich, full bodied rye, with surprising sweetness and a bit of sweet cherry fruit punch, too. It’s clearly a rye, but the rye spices are not overbearing at all. Yet, they are not hidden, either. It makes me wonder what percentages of each mash bill was used. However, the rye spice leaves nowhere for the proof to hide; Old Ezra 7 Rye drinks like its full 114 proof.

In general, I find that as ryes get older, the citrus and rye spices become more subdued; more mature, if you will. And that is what is happening with this 7 year old rye. At a younger age, I suspect Old Ezra 7 Rye would be very much different, but at 7 years, the balance is just perfect. That’s even at this relatively high proof for a rye. Don’t get me wrong – there are still plenty of rye spices, and there’s citrus, too. But they are dialed back just a notch, so that the other flavors have a chance to shine, too.

Glencairn & Bottle - Old Ezra 7 Rye Review
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Given the Old Ezra 7 Rye’s MGP (Ross & Squibb) lineage, I had no doubt that this would be an outstanding rye. And that it is! If you like a bold, full flavored rye, that also has some bourbon characteristics and fruit, then I think you’ll enjoy the Old Ezra 7 Rye. However, make no mistake, this is still a big rye, first and foremost.

Have you had the Old Ezra 7 Rye? What did you think? Cheers!🥃

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